Monday, April 04, 2005

blue glue

I did some screenprinting with textile paints today, using blue glue as a resist. Interesting, for a first experiment.

This was after having spent the afternoon at an art opening where I had 14 pieces in an exhibit. My friend Diane and I were the fiber artists in a show with photography, sculpture, mixed media, painting, and collage. The screen with the blue glue had been sitting around for a week or so and as I am packing supplies to take to Maryland for a workshop I'm giving, I figured I'd experiment and see if the resist worked. It did, I washed out the screen, and will experiment some more next week.


Gerrie said...

Cool idea! I have used glue as a resist with seta color paints and sun printing.

Claire said...

I really do love what you have done with this fabric. Have you thought of what you might do with it?

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