Friday, March 24, 2006

the minis are home and available!!

The small pieces in the show that Joanie SanChirico curated: The International Miniature Textile Invitational, are back from the Dallas Quilt Show where they were exhibited. A number of them were sold in Dallas, which had first choice. But now, the rest of these gorgeous little pieces are available for the rest of us to buy. They always have a history of going like hotcakes, so check 'em out soon at Due to a death in my extended family and unexpected houseguests for the funeral and period of mourning, I have been away from my blog. But things are quiet today and I am off to ditch the red streaks for blonde ones. See you later.


Shirley Goodwin said...

OK, I want to see photos of the blonde streaks!

Rayna said...

ok, I'll get my husband to take a picture when he gets home from the office.

Judy said...

Sorry to hear about your loss.
Your hair looks great....subtle blonde and that is good!