Wednesday, August 22, 2007

studio afternoon

Ahhhhh - happiness. Another drizzly day and an afternoon in the studio. Five of us were there today - and in between working, we had a chance to vent about the disgusting political situation in this country. Frightening! And it doesn't look hopeful, even with the next election. But on to happier things. Last night, I decided to print a dry thickened dye screen that has been sitting here for several months. This morning, I steamed and washed the fabric before I left for the studio. I wish I could remember what color dye I used because I would love to duplicate the result. But no such luck, of course. I'll have to be content with a one-off. Here are a couple of details: notice how the dye has broken down into a couple of different colors. You just never know what it is going to do. I played "can this fabric be saved?" with a few pieces that needed more work, and I discovered another way to print with wax which pleased me very much. Tomorrow I shall have to experiment some more with it. In fact, I think I may not wait till tomorrow. I'm on a roll - so think I'll go downstairs and play a little bit tonight. Now that I'm back to work, I am feeling much less grouchy. Last night my caller ID said that our homeowners insurance company was calling. In a completely unusual move, I picked up the phone. You know how you get these nuisance calls where the person says "Hello, Ms. Yockenfloss, this is so-and-so from Company X - how are YOU tonight?" I HATE that. But last night, I asked "are you a real person or a computer?" and the guy cracked up laughing. Well, I had my answer, didn't I? We had a perfectly pleasant conversation and he ended by saying he hoped everybody else he was going to call was as pleasant as I was. Trust me, it was an aberration. I don't know what got into me. A day in the studio, maybe??


TALL GIRL said...

dear mrs yockenfloss....gorgeous fabric!!!

you gotta love caller id. the other day i looked at an incoming number and decided not to answer. on a hunch i checked the rolodex and glory be it was my husband's obnoxious swedish cousin who lands on our doorstep on a regular basis. 469 is not a us area code! i never have to answer his calls again!!!

Karoda said...

okay, these fabrics need to go into a piece entitled "can this democracy be saved?" i liked the 2nd piece more than the first, but liked them both.

Rayna said...

Actually, Karoda, the first is just a detail of the second. And can this democracy be saved would be a very depressing piece, I am afraid.