Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday morning

This morning dawned overcast, muggy, and cool -- a strange combination. I am sewing this morning and will finally get to the hair salon this afternoon, much overdue. I was going to blog last night but once I turned on NY public radio to listen to the convention, I resorted to cutting fabric so I could pay attention to the radio. I don't watch TV so this was really the first time I tuned into the goings-on; I didn't think I should miss tonight's acceptance speech. I am glad I didn't. Obama was brilliant and while he spoke, I was a college student again, transported to Boston Garden in the fall of 1960, riveted by Jack Kennedy as he ran for President. Here is the campaign button I bought that night - it has never left my bulletin board. How I feel today is less about politics than about hope and change and renewal -- and a sense of connection - - something Laura c-w spoke about so eloquently this past week. And through it all, an overwhelming sense of mourning and the loss of our collective innocence. Enough said. I need to attack the pile of almost-done pieces that are piled on the chair waiting to be stitched. But before I go to work, I wanted to post a few examples of what I printed while I was standing at the booth in Ohio, playing and talking to shop owners. Pool noodles, sequin waste, stencils,stamps, blue tape. What fun! Paint and Shiva Paintstiks.I was a little limited with materials but it was fun, anyway. Now, time to get down to work.


Gerrie said...

I share your memories!

Fun work in progress. Judy sent me some sequin waste. I have to use it - maybe today to finish my SDA auction donation.

Terry said...

I have campaign buttons on my blog today too. I envy your Kennedy button. Sigh. I feel so old when I think of those days, but I have sure thought about JFK a lot during the convention this past week. Cried over Teddy Kennedy--the last of the brothers and never my favorite, but he did his family proud in the end.

fabric strip giveaway update

Congrats to Quiltdivajulie, whose number came up in the generator! Julie, I'll send your envelope out as soon as I come up for air. ...