Sunday, September 14, 2008

what I did today

Can you tell I went grocery shopping? I decided, after paying the food bill for last month, that something has to be done! But what? I know - I'll get creative and be vegetarian for a while and see if the grocery bills go down for the next couple of weeks. I actually went to Whole Foods with a list: bought basmati rice, polenta, tofu, fake chopped meat, yogurt, whole wheat get the picture. Came home, put the stuff away, and then out again to the farm stand. Bought beautiful eggplants for $1@, red peppers for $2.50 a basket, tomatoes, local potatoes -- all local NJ produce (except for the NY State Paula Red apples). Came home and spent the afternoon sautéing onions and garlic and roasting/grinding cumin seeds. Then, hit the Internet for interesting ethnic veggie recipes. Tonight, we feasted on grilled summer squash, tomatoes, and fresh local mozzarella followed by eggplant stuffed with eggplant, tomato paste, capers, calamata olives, breadcrumbs (well, matzoh meal, but who's counting?), grated cheese, fresh tomatoes and basil. We'll see how long this keeps up. Tomorrow, Indian - or maybe Mexican. I will have to see if I can find some good tofu recipes. Anybody have some? Here's what it looks like after I cleaned up. Isn't it picturesque? Then I came into my ROOM to put the facing on the 12 x 12 I had made a couple of weeks ago. Can't find it. It has vanished. Am I losing my mind? Did it fall off the wall into the trash? Did I take it to my studio to photograph it? (I don't think so because I don't sew there, I print). I HATE when that happens. In the meantime, I have another piece to sew down the facing on. Maybe the handwork will help.


susie Monday said...

Hi Rayna We must be working on the same food vibe. I came back to Texas and made kefta, hummus (the real thing but used pinenuts as I had no tahini), tabouli, pita, what a great meal. Heading to Greece (menu wise) today I think! Our produce is end-of-season -- so hot -- right now in TX, though.

Russ Little said...

Susie and Rayna:
This all just sounds too good. Maybe we need to look for a Houston ACN meeting location with kitchen access. I would love to cook with the two of you. -Russ

Helen Conway said...

Well initially your -plan made me snort with derision as the only Whole Foods I have been to is a gorgeous, tempting but HORRENDOUSLY overpriced store in the chichi Kensington High Street of London. I guess it is different in the US?

Shasta said...

I think it just be the time for missing things. I think I've seen at least four blogs lately (plus mine) that talked about something going missing. Hope you find it!

Good luck going vegetarian - although sometimes I'm not sure it is cheaper than eating meat.