Sunday, May 23, 2010

off to class

But before I go for the day I want to post a few pix from yesterday's  Carve Your Own Stamps workshop.  You'd think that carving your own stamps was so basic that everybody had done it in kindergarten.  Well, maybe not kindergarten, but you know what I mean.  Not true.  I don't think I ever did it till I was a grownup almost-artist -- and it turns out that lots of other people had never done this, either. They loved it! Here is June with one of her pieces.

Without further ado - here are just a few more results from people who had never carved their own stamps before yesterday. 
I had asked the participants to bring some of their own work to show me because I like to see what they normally do.
Ruth brought these two glorious pieces.
Sherry, who took a class with me at QBL last year, brought the quilts she had made with some of the fabric she had printed in class.  I LOVE when that happens and I can actually see the results.  So many people print fabric and then never use it because they can't figure out what to do with it. Not Sherry!   The dancers in this piece were made with freezer paper stencils and a screen.  Cool!
Her cartographic piece features a screenprint that is just perfect for this.

And this house quilt (Sherry loves houses) made the most of more fabric she had screen printed. What fun!

Ok - my ride is here and I have to leave for another day of class.  Later.


Barbara said...

Very impressive -- especially the first-timers. Any chance of a workshop while you are in Bethesda in the fall?

Approachable Art said...

Pretty, pretty stuff! I love carving and using stamps and I was an adult before I discovered I could, too!

Gerrie said...

Fabulous. Make me want to run down to the studio and start carving.

Dianne Hricko said...

I am so glad that you have gotten to see how some of your students have used the knowledge they gained through you. It always makes me feel so good when I see how my students have grown after my initial push. 35 years teaching art in the public schools was a lot of pushing!It was a very rewarding career.

Vivien Zepf said...

I'm going to have to give carving a try; looks like so much fun!

Gail P said...

one more thing on my list of things to do before . . . whenever! I have yet to carve a stamp. Like I say, there is always something inspiring on your blog! Love the painted toenails, which reminds me, I need to find some Birks for Stacy.

Shirley said...

I agree! When I told my Surface Design class that we were going to spend the morning making stamps, they all sat and looked and me like I was mad. We carved erasers, made cardboard stamps with string, sponges, straws and a host of other objects, and generally produced some great designs.

jgr said...

Beautiful results from the carvings. Thank you for showing us!