Wednesday, February 12, 2014

sniffle, sniffle

No, I'm not crying. I guess my immune system broke down with all that work on my alleged vacation and I picked up a cold somewhere along the line.  It's not bad - just annoying.

High-tailed it to the supermarket this morning to fill my empty larder and it took me two hours to get through the aisles.  Yes, another storm is coming tonight into tomorrow and the entire population was there, buying for armageddon. Cheesh!

NJ has called a state of emergency for tomorrow (Thursday).  Schools and businesses will be closed, trash pickup is cancelled, and I have 45 robot messages from the mayor telling me to stay in the house.  Ok with me! I plan to make soup and chili and stew with some of the food I bought today -- and maybe risotto.  I bought arborio rice and shrimp and asparagus and thought it would be a treat for Friday night dinner.  Before I left for Fla I bought a large butternut squash and have to decide whether to make soup or add it to the risotto.

I am going to crawl into bed, but before I do I want to share with you a photo I got yesterday from Carol Capshaw.  She won one of my lovely log cabin blocks at the schoolhouse I did in Houston a few years ago when my book came out -- and she transformed it so fabulously that I was hard put to find the original bits in her gorgeous redo. Here is the before and after. Don't you love how she reinvented it?  I do!

On that cheerful note, I am off to dreamland with the expectation that I will awake to another winter wonderland tomorrow.  Oh, joy.


Eva said...

Best wishes for you to be well and safe! Saw the forecast for your region. Sunshine from the weekend on, I see. Hope you're fine!

Linda Hicks said...

love the block transformation!!!

Pam said...

Carol is a good friend of mine and she does alot of unique and amazing stuff. loved that you shared her block

Karen S Musgrave said...

Feel better!

Connie Rose said...

Stunning quilt makeover! Hope you're feeling better soon. Sending love and hugs. xoxo

Sandy said...

Joining your friends to wish you speedy recovery. But I'm telling you, once you get HERE, you shouldn't go back THERE! Those planes are
germy! Sorry you worked so hard.