Sunday, March 22, 2009

weekend warrior

Yesterday was a clean-up and start-throwing-stuff-into suitcase day; a task that continues today, after having spent the a.m. paying bills. At the end of the day yesterday Marty and I went over to the art exhibit I had judged so I could give out the awards. While we hung around, I finally had a chance to look at the exhibit of pieces from local school children and I found them absolutely magical! Honestly, if they had been for sale, I would have given them awards and purchased these three. The first two were done by first graders and I assume they are self-portraits. I think we have a lot to learn from these kids, whose work is delightful, whimsical, and hasn't had the joy replaced by rules. Don't you just love these?This is also by a first-grader -- can you believe it?? I don't know what the assignment was but it doesn't matter. Should I say that these children's art were more exciting than anything in the adult show? No, I should not. But I just did. Backtracking again to Thursday in the studio when Blogger wouldn't let me post pix. I have nothing as interesting on my wall as these 3 pieces above, but I did get something accomplished. BTW - this is how it typically looks rather than what you saw in the photos that were in the Cloth Paper Scissors last studio issue. At any rate, I took a lot of the fabrics off of my design wall and worked instead on paper. Here are two pieces I did on Thursday. This one started as a demo piece of soy wax on paper with paint and I finished it Thurs. What now? And this was the newspaper sheet I used under the above picture, which got full of black paint. Then I decided it was - or could be - something or part of something. Who knows? Blogger is very s-l-o-w today and I have to finish packing, so I'll leave it here. Tomorrow morning, the joy of stopover flying and connecting flights. I am delighted to be going to Springfield, MO., home of Ozark Piecemakers, the Uncommon Threads art quilt group, and Cashew Chicken (which I will NOT be eating). Tune in tomorrow for the next installment.


Sue Erdreich said...

Having a first grader myself, I can fully relate to the joy of their artwork. I am constantly delighted by what she creates.

P.S. I was at City Quilter this past weekend, and they have your book highlighted in a display in the front of the shop!

Eva said...

These kids' art is amazing! Especially No 3, to me. She is a readymade artist! I also love the newspaper thing. Ever so elegant, like a japanese brush stroke painting. And the irregular edges: Excellent!

margaret said...

Those kids' portraits are so delightful. So much more "real" than the dreary, introspective, careful things that adults labour over.