Sunday, September 28, 2008

sans blabla inutile

I came across this phrase just a while ago on a French classical radio website I listen to, and I roared. What a wonderful phrase!! The problem is that most everything that surrounds us -- tv, radio - whatever - is full of blabla inutile. This is why I don't listen to commercial stations or watch tv...although I watched part of Friday's debate which did,indeed, have its share of blabla. Spent the afternoon getting ready for next Sunday's Open Studios at 66 Franklin St. I have a few textiles up on the wall but decided to hang some monotypes: oil on paper printed on a press. Tonight, I pulled more of my leaf series out and tomorrow I need to mat and frame them. Here are a few -- you can see them really well if you click on the pix to enlarge. Most will be $125 matted & framed and $95 unframed.
So much to do, so little time.


Marilyn said...

Your book on surface design is the best thing yet! I have been "converting" several pieces of my hand dyes into works of art with all the ideas you have given the world. Thank you for enlightening us. Marilyn

Susie Monday said...

Blabla inutile! How great a phrase. Reminds me of a Mexico City singer, Pacita, who in most of her heart-wrenching ballads throws in a "hombre inutil" cry at some appropriate moment.
PS I second the praise for your book, no fiber artist should be without it. I used the gelatin printing with a group of needlework ladies last week at a demo. We had a blast

Rayna said...

Thanks, Marilyn and Susie! Glad you're having fun with the book at least it is not un livre inutile - LOL.

Judy said...

Love the leaf prints. I just played with the gelatin printing last weekend. Lots of fun.

Anonymous said...

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