Monday, September 01, 2008

a gorgeous Labor Day

The glorious weather held, which was a real bonus. Of course, my son-in-law noted that Labor Day is early this year, so that probably accounts for it. My friend Claire is out of harm's way and I am greatly relieved. I hope that everybody who has left N.O. is also safe and sound. My thoughts are with all of you affected by the hurricane(s). We had a parade coming and going today: Hilary, Mike, Josh & Ben were here for a while. They brought Jessica and Tommy, who came for a party and stayed overnight. Hilary, Mike, etc. left and Ross & Nancy Gillman and the kids stopped in for a while. And as they were leaving, my ex-husband, his S.O. and her sister arrived to visit with Jess & Tommy. Grand Central. We took the kids to the train and I made spareribs on the grill tonight. I have been cleaning up my famously chaotic *room* for two days. I am having company on Wednesday night and it is just too mortifying not to be able to walk in here. It is looking neater and I am feeling better. Something always comes out of the cleaning-up process. These two small pieces of fabric will be a small piece of work. Good, I need new work for the open studios on October 5.While I am not tired, I do have some sort of eye infection brewing, so time to close up shop and call the doctor in the morning. Never dull.


Anonymous said...

hi. i'm in lafayette, safe and sound... can' get back into houma till friday at the earliest. no power there anyway. someone has checked on my house AND cleaned my fridge and freezer.. WHEW!

Judy said...

interesting piece Rayna......the colors are very different from your usual palate. I like it a lot....has a lot of depth.

Hope your eye is better.


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