Friday, February 18, 2011

happiness is...

1.  being in the studio
2.  printing scarves
3.  the fragrance of steamed newspaper

For the first time in months, I spent a day in the studio.  In fact, I didn't come home till after dark and I don't know where the evening went.  It's after 2:am and I am just getting tired -- that's how energized I felt today.  I made a few screens for deconstructing, mixed up a bunch of print paste in my el cheapo blender, mixed a few colors, and got busy.

I had a bunch of leftover dyed but unprinted scarves, as well as a few losers that have been sitting around and need more work.  Here is the deconstructed screen and there is a scarf that needed something more to make it happy.

Since I hadn't been there for so long I spent some time getting organized.  But tomorrow, I should be able to move quickly in the morning (if I get up after this late night - LOL) to print some more.  Here are the scarves that came out of the steam pot tonight.
scarf on table above with another layer of text and images

You can tell that this was printed with the screen on the table, above. 

this might need more work.

 That's all, folks,  It is ungodly late and I am off to get my beauty sleep. 



Eva said...

Wonderful! It so shows the pleasure of making. I believe that the artist's attitude while working is a message to the spectator. Art may be hard work, but its beauty comes from fun.

Mostly Turquoise said...

Hi Rayna,

I am so happy for you and can imagine how you feel (besides being tired)! The scarves look so great, will you put them for sale on your blog??
Have a great weekend,
Regina, SXM

Sandy said...

one of those beautiful scarves! Don't you just love days like you describe- when you look at the clock and wonder if it's time for lunch and it's 4 PM! When you realize you haven't hit the bathroom since morning coffee and it's almost dark! When you haven't checked email all day long... I sure need a few of these days again! Sleep well, dream of what happens tomorrow! S

tiedyejudy said...

Well worth the wait! You remind me, I need to add deconstructed screen printing to my project board... it's been way too long since I did any! Hope you got some rest!

Gerrie said...

Yay! This made me happy.

Terry said...

Such gorgeous stuff! I am in love with the last one that you say may need more work. Yikes--can it get any more luscious?

Cindy Cooksey said...

Your scarves are gorgeous. You certainly have a magic touch!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful scarves. Love your blog and your honesty about your creative life. Thanks for sharing with us.


dolly said...

Your work is so beautiful and shows what a free spirit you are!

Gail P said...

I'm happy just looking at what you did! Happiness spreads . . . :)

Bonnie said...

The top photo looks like a painting in itself. Wonderful composition. You really have the "eye".