Friday, February 04, 2011

a nice cup of tea and a good read?

The other night, after I finished Notes from the Underwire, I thought it would be nice to have something else to read.  I think I've read every book in the house, but then I thought of the Kindle, permanently plugged in and lonely.  "Aha!," I thought. "I'll borrow a book on Kindle."

I don't remember how I found out about the Kindle Lending Club but I figured I'd pass along the information. In theory, a good idea, but it does have its limitations.  First of all, you can only lend a book once.  That isn't a terrible problem.  However, nobody is looking to borrow any of the books I have on my Kindle. Even if they were, every book I have put up to lend is not lendable, because they are too good or too recent and Amazon has not released them for lending.

The big problem for me is finding a book that I actually want to read.  Here are a few of the books people have to lend.

So if you have nothing else to do, go browse the selections and amuse yourself.  I am going to attack some items on my "to-do" list and for the moment,  joining this Kindle club is not one of them.  Let me know if you have any better luck than I did - LOL.


Gerrie said...

LOL! YOu wouldn't want what my dh reads on his, either - lots of history and theology.

Connie Rose said...

I think Vampire for Hire sounds promising, LOL!

Helene said...

Just like going to the video store here.
Too funny.

Dianne Koppisch Hricko said...

Now that I am trying to teach myself how to blog I have no time to read. I am sure that will settle out.

Eva said...

For some time, I listened to audio books, even got a few downloads free. Dostoyevsky, v. Horvath, E.A. Poe, etc. And I could let my eyes rest or paint along. The black series and Poe... coincidence?

Judy said...

you are too funny! when i saw the picture i had to come and see what you were up to!

we babysat last night: mmmmmmm, sweet baby toes and kisses!


Gail P said...

Gosh, none of those books interest you? Thanks for the chuckle! I just visited a used book store where I used to find something to read but this time the books were similar to the ones you posted. um, no thanks. I just received my copy of "Notes from the Underwire." Can you hear me laughing?

wlstarn said...

Do you suppose people read that stuff on Kindle because they're embarrassed to be seen carrying around the actual books with those ridiculous covers? I would be, but I have better (different, at least) taste in literature. I think with the cover art I've seen lately, you CAN tell a book by its cover!

GerryART said...

I just bought a Nook at Barnes & Noble
I love it ! ! ! !
I blog from it and read and reply to my emails and I can download books from my local library.

I really don't know about the kindle.

Stay warm,

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