Monday, February 14, 2011

taking a break

Mundane things not worth blogging about. The carpet guys, the handyman. The shredding. The laundry. The taxes.
See what I mean?  I could take a picture of the gray carpeting or of the door-less washer & dryer closet.
But I won't. 

What I will do is take a blogging break till I have something to write about.  I'll be back when I come up for air.


Eva said...

It will be a great pleasure to read more from you, and I do hope you find something as a reason to be back!!

Connie Rose said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Rayna. I was just thinking about you after seeing the last blog on my roll, and then yours popped up! xox

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Congrats to Quiltdivajulie, whose number came up in the generator! Julie, I'll send your envelope out as soon as I come up for air. ...