Friday, June 04, 2010


I won't go into details about the temp and humidity in Fla. Suffice it to say my camera stayed home while I met my friend Delia from kindergarten for dinner.  Ruth's Chris - a major extravagance and treat - but we spent at least 3 hours catching up on the last 500 years of our lives and it was worth every nickel. 

There is nothing like old friends with shared history - with whom you can be completely yourself and pick up where you left off decades ago as if no time had elapsed. OTOH - new friends (i.e. - during the past 10-15 years, depending on how old you are) are wonderful for energizing and stimulating you.  Where would I be without my "new" old friends? (you know who you are).  And friends who make you laugh are the best of all! (you also know who you are).

Teaching tomorrow - iPhone alarm set for crack of dawn. G'night.  Sorry no pix - but did you really want to see a picture of my kindergarten friend and me chomping on our NY sirloins at Ruth's Chris?


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I bet that white sandy beach with a chair in the shade and handsome young men serving you sweet girlie drinks is looking better and better. :D Hope you have a chance to take care of yourself a little, soon.

Eva said...

Any pic is welcome.

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