Sunday, September 26, 2010

is it Blogger or is it the hotel?

I am seeing weird things on this blog - no picture in the header, missing links, and other things that are missing.  I think it's the hotel's network -- so I am dancing in the dark here.

The other day, we saw a mind-blowing fiber exhibit at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles: really cutting edge textiles -and mostly not quilts. Go to the website and click on the thumbnails on the left, next to " our current exhibit".   This was an art and technology exhibit (this is, after all, Silicon Valley) and if you are within driving distance of San Jose, go see it...and get a tour because the information is fascinating.  There were no photos allowed.  Pam Rubert had two pieces in the show, but there were also fiber optic pieces, things knitted with wire, totally amazing stuff that pushes the fiber envelope, so to speak.

Yesterday, a trip to Los Altos and Exotic/Thai Silks.  Yum yum yum. There were lots of gorgeous dress silks, since they really began as a supplier to people who make garments.  However, they now cater to artists with all kinds of dyeable silks, including garments and scarves.

Some of the group did serious damage (this is the Art Cloth Network, remember??).  I bought silk noil and  silk/linen, which should be interesting to work with. Both take color beautifully and because of the quantities, we got wholesale prices. The fabric is being shipped so I will just have to be patient.

Susan Ettl and I had lunch with our lovely and talented friend, Carol Larson. Carol drove about 2 hours to meet us there and we had fun catching up since the last time we saw her, a few years ago.

Out to dinner last night and when we got back to the hotel, we were greeted with this, parked outside.  Inside, a wedding reception and there was an altercation between the groom's father and the videographer,
who had been paid up front to stay till midnight and was leaving at 9:30.
We couldn't enter the hotel because the groom's father was holding the guy's lights hostage in the elevators and there was lots of carrying on. Since we needed to use the - ahem - facilities - a few of us went across the street to the Marriott to avail ourselves of their hospitality.  Gotta have a sense of humor around here.

Soon, we are off to continue our business meeting at the local diner for breakfast.  This afternoon, I hope to see two old friends who live out here - my h.s. friend Mary, whom I haven't seen in 53 years (we were 2 years old, of course) - and this evening, Ted Orland and his lovely wife Frances.
 See you anon.


Debra said...

Excuse me while I dive into that first picture.

Eva said...

Your blog looks perfectly okay. Maybe the hotel blocks some Java-/Script applications for safety reasons.

TALL GIRL said...

Rayna- So much fun to see you and Susan yesterday and to indulge in mystery salad and the latest dirt. Too bad I missed the wedding fiasco. Enjoy your visits and have a safe trip home.

Judy said...

Your trip to Exotic/Thai must have been fun. I enjoyed their small 'booth' at SDA 2 yrs ago, so cannot quite imagine their store!
What a riot about the wedding reception!
Have fun and stay safe.

Russ Little said...

I'm still bummed about missing the San Jose meeting. I'm glad that you guys had fun without me--glad in a wish-I'd-been-there sort of way. Missing you.


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