Saturday, September 24, 2011

up late again

This is a good sign: it means that I'm getting back into a groove -- or maybe it's a new groove. Went to an art opening tonight and bought a small piece by Rachel Leibman, who does amazing collage with old manuscripts.  Last month I bought a small piece by Linda Branch Dunn when I was in Lowell -- this has got to stop!

Another good sign: back to making ice cream at ungodly hours.  Anybody who has been to Columbus and eaten Jeni's ice cream will understand why I couldn't resist buying her new ice cream recipe book.

I am having a small party this weekend and decided to make coffee ice cream so my guests don't fall asleep while the festivities are going on:-).
I considered tempeh ice cream with a nose of recycled paper but was out of tempeh
Of course, you know me - and this is no different from my usual M.O.  Not satisfied to follow the recipe, I did my own thing and made it stronger than Jeni called for.  The jury is still out, but we can always top it with whipped cream.  

My spanakopita from Thursday turned out so great -- and was so easy -- that I think I'll make another batch for next Wednesday's Rosh Hashanah dinner.  My kids (and my mother) are coming and I am so happy to have people to cook for.

Finally, I am determined to stitch these two small pieces that have been sitting around forever. Getting back to work, little by little.

So - having touched briefly on food and art -- two subjects that speak to the soul - I will grab a few hours of sleep. G'night.


Connie Rose said...

Is it Rosh Hashana again already? Didn't that just happen, like last month?!

I love the two new(ish) pieces. I also love coffee ice cream -- it's my absolute favorite (Dreyer's ((Edy's)) slow-churned...way too good a time for so few calories!).

Glad you're getting your groove back on. It's coming back for me, too. Must be autumn, my favorite time of year.

Love to you my friend.

JillW said...

I can give a thumbs-up to the lemon cream ice cream recipe from that book. Just got my own ice cream maker recently, and that's the first one I tried. I've really been enjoying reading about your forays into ice cream making. :-)

Margaret Cooter said...

Looking forward to seeing how those two little pieces progress - they are lovely as they are,, imho, so the enhancements will be interesting!
On the subject of ice cream - now that I'm not going back to Canada regularly, I'm missing Nuttin' Butter -- oh that hit of salty peanut butter among the fields of vanilla, littered with chocolate pieces ... can this be made at home....

Eva said...

Love these new prints!!

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