Thursday, March 28, 2013

what day is it?

I remembered it was Thursday this morning when I saw that all the neighbors had put out their garbage. Oops - dragged mine out just in time and noticed this.  
Does this mean spring is really on its way?  I don't quite trust it; I remember snow on April 15th one year, a long time ago.

This morning, still cleaning up from Monday night's seder, I went down to the lower level to put my grandmother's dishes away and saw a crowd outside my sliding glass doors.  By the time I came back down with my camera, they had moved away.  I counted 19 of them. 
 I spent the rest of the day going through my quilts, measuring, pricing, checking sleeves, and making lists of what I will be exhibiting in Chapel Hill in May.  O tedium.  Still not finished, but must finish by tomorrow and send off the info.  I also have to add labels and fiddle with sleeves to accommodate the Walker hanging system. Oh, and I have put a quilt on the list that I have not yet finished.  Guess I'd better do that, too.

I remembered it was Thursday again tonight at 6:55 when I realized I had a 7:00 meeting of my Modern Quilt Guild and was going to be late.  Most of the people in the guild don't actually make Modern Quilts, but Amy showed one tonight.  She said it was intended to be the back of something else but she liked it so much, she made it the front of this one.  
It is later than I intended to stay up but I am trying to get back into the habit of blogging before I go to bed.  Now I can say goodnight!


Eva said...

These turkeys are amazing. In Europe, we have similar birds, but they have become quite rare and are strictly protected. I wish I could have such a view!

Judy said...

We saw a wild turkey in Florida the other week, but rarely see them here - which is odd, as we are quite rural.
I love that quilt - did she machine quilt it?


Linda Hicks said...

Lots here on the edge of Boston and glad to have you back fav!

Diane Wright said...

Just this morning we saw two turkeys in back of the house we are visiting on Mare Island in San Francisco Bay It was unexpected for us. CT? Almost daily. But here? I was surprised

GerryART said...

Thanks for staying up long enough to tell us a bit about the day.


patty a. said...

Yes, it is suppose to be spring! It is Monday, April 1st and it was snowing this morning! It is sunny now ( 1:15 p.m.) but is it still cold. I had covered my flower bed with plastic to try and kill the weeds over winter and the diaffodils thought they were in a greenhouse and were growing under the plastic! I cut holes in the plastic to release them from their prison and I am the only one in the cul-de-sac that has diaffodils blooming!

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