Friday, April 05, 2013

junk food

Not something I eat a lot of but yesterday's activities drove me to it.  I went to the studio to put in a day of printing the last 8 or 10 scarves I need for my college reunion next month.  Had not been there in a couple of months because of traveling and LIFE and when I got there, I realized I had brought a bunch of scarves home to dye and had left them there. Duh. 

So...I gathered up my screens, made some print paste in the studio blender, grabbed some dyes, a portable print thingie made of pink insulation foam, and headed home.  Long story short --set the print board on the island, got two done and a third started before I quit for the day.  Fortunately, I had carted home an old wooden drying rack from my mother's apartment some months ago (why??).  Here's what  my formerly pristine kitchen looked like yesterday.
It is just as well I have everything at home because the day after I return from Georgia I have to go to Brooklyn, take Tommy to the airport, and bring Miss Emma home with me for a week.  She can amuse herself safely at home doing collage while I print. 

So, off to the airport shortly where I will see my friend Judy Carpenter (yay!), meet my distant cousin Reba (our ancestors were related, we think), and have a fun time teaching. 

Will catch up with you soon.


Connie Rose said...

Love to you AND Judy! Have a great trip. xo

Nina Marie said...

ohhh I claimed my mother's drying rack too - its been a life saver on more than one occasion!

Judy said...

YAYYYY is right!
See you soon!


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