Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mostly lazy

With all good intentions to go and do and accomplish, I stayed and don't ask what I did not do.  The list is too long.

On the other hand, I listened to an interesting teleconference call, one of a series sponsored by Morna McEver Golletz. (don't ask me why this is suddenly speaking in italics - I am typing on my Zagg bluetooth keyboard and it has suddenly decided to reformat my life- ok, fixed).  This teleconference was great but right in the middle of the day is the worst time for me.  I listened to the first two afterwards but decided that I should listen live today.  It didn't make any difference, except that I had to move 20 things so I could close the door to my sewing room to block out the vacuum cleaner.  I will go back to my original schedule of tuning in to replays.

After the teleconference, I went back to the website redesign I have been plodding through and after wasting too much time, decided I need to outsource this job.  Closed the laptop and went over to the sewing machine to finish stitching the three year old Ohio Star UFO.  THAT was my big accomplishment for the day,since I am teaching Reinventing the UFO next week and I can take this quirky piece as an example.  Maybe tonight I will face it while I read a book. It is 27x30 and It needs a name.

A little before 5:00 I had an errand to run, and for the second day in a row I left the car in the driveway and walked the half-mile to my destination (and back).  Weather gorgeous -- milder than yesterday (when I also walked to my errands) and a perfect autumn day.  I don't live far from the banks, the jeweler, the craft gallery, and the CVS -- but mostly, in the name of efficiency I stop on the way to somewhere else as I am driving wherever else I am going.  Today I was not being efficient (although I am multitasking now because I am blogging while I am eating dinner.  AHA - dinner!

I live alone, for the most part. And yes, I am lazy. But not too lazy to make sure I eat well.  Earlier this week I roasted some beets, cut them up, added some wine vinegar and dill and ate a few.  They were fine, but how many times in a row can you eat beets?  Yesterday, I put on the grill and threw on an eggplant that had been languising too long in the fridge.  Roasted it, put it into the food processor with garlic, salt, lemon juice, cilantro a bit of tahini and a dash of plain yogurt.  Nice snack with pita or crackers.  

Tonight, as part of my lazy day, I didn't want to cook (and didn't have anything to cook, anyway). But I have a dozen cans of tuna in my pantry, thanks to a trip to Costco.  Now, I am not a big fan of tuna.
But I do love the Italian tuna in olive oil, which is far superior to the dry white stuff you get in water.
So, I opened the elegant Italian tuna, scrounged around, and here was my dinner.

Elegant and delicious.  Feta cheese, tuna, tomatoes, artichoke hearts, the eggplant salad, olives, anchovies and a green onion.I love making something from nothing, don't you?

 Now what, you may ask, is that pink stuff?  Well, I was reading the NYTimes food section earlier and there was a small article about vegetable yogurts (instead of fruit yogurts). AHA!  I dumped the leftover beets into the food processor, added some yogurt and more dill, and oh my, it tasted like borscht.  Then I boiled a couple of small potatoes (I never have potatoes in the house, but just happened to buy some the other day) and threw them into the borscht puree. FAB.
And I have more left for tomorrow.

So that's my story of a delinquent day.  I have to go sew the facings on the other two sides of that quilt and then I will curl up with a mystery while I sew.  

Tomorrow, I'll do what I didn't do today. Maybe.


Deborah Boschert said...

How do you sew and read at the same time?!

HollyM said...

Your deli quit day sounds pretty good. Your piece turned out great so that's done.
We have similar habits in meal preparation except I have to make for two. I love to scour the cupboards to see what I can do.
It looks delicious!

tiedyejudy said...

Your meal looks very colorful and healthy! I was given a beet from someone's garden, and have no idea what to do with it... maybe I'll try roasting it, but can't use vinegar on it - my hubby hates vinegar! BTW, love your UFO, which looks like a 'Magical, Mystery Castle' to me!

thesewinggeek said...

Sounds like a good day... productive and moving in a pace that is not so crazy! You are even creative in your meals. The colours on your plate are beautiful!

Katherine McNeese said...

What about Boardwalk Houses?

Diane said...

Love the small quilt, and I also think it looks like a castle. How about Ohio Castle for a name?

And your supper looked terrific. Pickled beets are my favorite way to eat them. I love those little red jewels.


Nina Marie said...

Love is in the House? this piece made me smile!
Ya know since I recently went back to work full time, I have had my eyes open to the fact that I need to schedule studio time where I'm uninterrupted AND productive - now that's an idea! Ohhh and I don't think its a bad idea that something just changes you into italics once in a while either. . .

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