Friday, April 18, 2014


Leaving for home  tomorrow after a lovely time teaching, dining, and being treated to a visit to the Boston MFA to see the Pilgrim Roy quilt exhibit.

First, I promised a few class pix.  One of the exercises was to use a visual as a jumping-off point to create a piece that captured the feeling/essence without replicating the original.  Rita picked this picture by Leger
and interpreted it like this.

Marla based her piece on a phrase she picked that said "up the walll."

There were lots more, but no room to show them all.  Today, students were free to bring in non-art quilts they had started and wanted to turn into art quilts, or at least less tradtional looking pieces.

This block became something else more interesting.

And the rest of them will follow suit.

The above beauty is on the way to beecoming sometthing better.  Here is a very preliminary look at a  bit of progress:

Tomorrow, I leave for home and will post pix of the don't miss exhbit of the Pilgrim Roy quilts.
Nite - I am going to gear up for tomorrow's drive back to  NJ

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Linda Hicks said...

People loved your visit...too short. Glad you got to the MFA for the Roy exhibit. I found my husband lingering behind me studying the quilts (not usually his thing to do)...I got very hungry 3/4 the way through, so it must have been a huge exhibit. I most enjoyed the stories behind the Roy choices.

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