Tuesday, August 26, 2014

mid-week update

The demolition derby arrived on Saturday to remove part of the ceiling and wall that were wet from the leaking ice machine.  (Tuesday)There is more, and they will be back tomorrow to measure the moisture levels, take out more sheet rock, and maybe remove the fans and dehumidifier that have been running for 

  nice grid, huh?

I won't bore you with the unnecessary demolition of the closet ceiling because plumber A was wrong about his diagnosis of the problem.  Enter Plumber B, who found the source of the leak (long story).
I am hoping FedEx will deliver the parts for the icemaker tomorrow.  Meantime, the plumber advised me to get a leak alarm, which he says Home Depot carries.  That is tomorrow morning's trek.  

Meanwhle, at 11:00 last night, my beloved brother arrived from Pittsburgh with my SIL and nephew. Nephew Jonah had to sleep on the couch with the fans and dehumidifier going, but he managed to sleep through it all as only a teenager can.  They all took off for New York this morning.  I love my brother and only wish he lived close by instead of 7 hours away. Waaah. I never get to spend enough time with him. He fills my life with laughter when we are together.

In the midst of all this chaos I have been revising my website, which is a slow process because of a new host, new software, and minimal time to get it the way I want it.  And I'm frantically working on a couple of new pieces for my exhibit in Oct.  

With all this aggro, the only thing to do was to take a mid-afternoon margarita break on the deck to decompress and pretend I am on vacation.  I am tempted to stay out here and read for a while and get back to sewing tonight.

Ha, good idea,Rayna.


Kaja said...

A margarita and a book definitely sounds like the right idea. I hope your finger is on the mend and all your house problems get sorted out quickly.

Linda Hicks said...

Yes, How IS your finger! So glad this will go away soon. Wonder what will happen when my brother arrives. Something always does. His shortest flight distance is 1600 miles. Carry on!

Lori R. said...

Oh dear, Rayna, so sorry all of this stuff has happened to you! I detest home repairs and I'm sorry about your pinkie injury.

Wish you were here. I am creatively STUCK ... have been making little samples for the store and classes, but nothing that I want to do. I may take a cue from you and just start sewing strips this morning. I'll let you know!

Evon Brow said...

What was the matter with Plumber A's diagnosis, and how did you guys know that it was a mistake? Had the parts arrived already by now? Either way, while we all want to see nice wooden grids, they should've been covered up, signaling that all is well already. Let's hope so!

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