Thursday, December 24, 2015

'tis the night before Christmas

And here I am, blogging. 

It was lovely and warm today in West Palm Beach and I hear it was almost as warm in New Jersey.  Good grief!  In the south they are used to it, but it is very strange to have 70 degree days at Christmas in the north.

My friend Marni arrived here yesterday and today we went to Palm Beach to see how the 10% lives. We wandered into an art gallery to look at the Picassos and Harings and Calders, but stopped short when at the back of the gallery, we saw this. No label, no attribution.

Ceramic.  I thought it was ugly, but very well done.  When we asked the two gallery sitters where the labels were, the answer was "we're working on it."  REALLY? Looked to us as though they were sitting and chatting.  We left.
 After a half-hour of wandering on Worth Avenue, we decided we had had enough and went back to the condo to sit at the pool.  

Tonight, we went to dinner at Avocado Grill -- my favorite restaurant in downtown West Palm. The menu is interesting - mostly small plates, and is farm-to-table.  It is very noisy inside, so we sat outside. 
The food is unusual and lovely.  One of Marni's small plates was the fried zucchini blossoms stuffed with goat cheese. To die for!  I will be back again on Monday night and plan to order it.  

Downtown West Palm was surprisingly busy for Christmas Eve. The restaurants were packed and there were lots of families with their kids.  No wonder! We took a walk through the park towards the waterfront and it was festive.  Last week, when Phil and I were there with France & Edmond, we saw the most amazing pyramid made of sand!  Here it is.

Tonight, it was lit up and changed colors from red to blue to green.  Here it is tonight. (notice the full moon).

There were also some other wonderful sand sculptures in the park tonight. Sand!!
 Imagine that!

We walked out onto the dock and looked back at the waterfront, all lit up.  What a lovely evening!

Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night.


margaret said...

pretty sure that gallery piece was a cared wooden quilt by Fraser Smith.

margaret said...

Obviously I meant "carved". My "v" key (or my finger) isn't working so well today, LOL! Merry Christmas!

Charlotta said...

It takes a special kind of person and commitment to make such intricate sculptures out of sand. They are, by their very nature, just temporary. In a MUCH more immediate sense than everything else we do. I know nothing lasts forever, but it makes sense to me to labor many hours over a quilt, which somebody can then use (and appreciate, I hope) for years. While I would find it most difficult if not impossible to spend that kind of time and energy on a sand sculpture which will be destroyed at the next rain or wind storm.

Martha Ginn said...

I love reading about your beach house, entertaining friends/family, and scoping out good food. The sand sculptures are amazing. Enjoy before high tide. We're having balmy weather here in MS, too, but no damage from tornadoes like further north. My family in the Dallas area were shocked that the next night after a gathering at a nephew's house a tornado took the roof and left heavy damage. Stay safe and creative in 2016!

Breaking Mad said...

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