Thursday, March 03, 2016

more on color

Goodness, I was going to write this a few days ago  -- but got sidetracked (a habit of mine).  My daughter Jessica is here visiting and right now she's basking in the Florida sunshine so I have a few minutes to work.

But instead of working, I'm here:-). 

Last night, was playing around with fabric combinations, which I rarely do. Normally, I don't think too much about it - but I was trying different combinations to see which one I liked best.  They all work.

Why do they work? which one do you think works best? and why??  Would love your input.

And don't forget to go to Liz Kettle's blog and leave a comment there (or to Desiree's or Candy's) so you can be in the drawing for this fabulous goody basket that the teachers at Fiber Art Connection have put together!  Just click on the link to the first three blogs, comment, and you're in!
·       3/1: Desiree Habicht
·       3/2: Candy Glendening
·       3/3: Liz Kettle
·       3/4: Roxane Lessa
·       3/7: Ruth Chandler
·       3/8: Cecile Whatman
·       3/9: Deborah Babin

·       3/10: Rayna Gillman

Back to playing with fabric strips...


diane said...

Liking the middle one the most. All the colors play together so nicely and very pleasing to me. Like the values mesh. If I saw them each one at a time I'd probably think the same thing of each one, but seeing the three together the middle one is what I'd pick.
Isn't it great we all see things a bit different.

imquilternity said...

I like both the second and third combinations, but think the third is my favorite. Maybe it's because I love those colors, but I also like the difference in scale and design. Are you planning on using them for a project?

Maggi said...

I think that they all work for me because of that gorgeous purple/lime/turquoise combination which pulls the other colours to it.

Horses for courses but I like the 2nd one best because the strips have softer edges against each other. If I wanted more clearly defined edges I'd go for the last one. I find myself uncomfortable with the larger, more solid blocks of colour and value at the top and bottom of the first one

Mostly Turquoise said...

Hi Rayna, I also like the second combination best, the colors are so happy and bright and the patterns on the fabrics are pleasant to look at. But of course: beauty lies in the eyes.... Enjoy Florida!

Julie said...

Well, Rayna, it's all been said, I like the second one best too. The colours and tones are in balance and the top fabric gives it a zing. Knowing you they will all work though :-)

Linda Ippel said...

I like the third one best, even though all three work. Each one contains all six color-wheel colors. I feel the third one is most cohesive of the three.The dominate colors are purple or purplish red, and yellow or yellowish green--with orange thrown in the middle! I like purple/yellow combos, which is what this swatch says to me. Also, I like that 5 of the 7 prints at least hints of stripe, adding to cohesion while also having variety in the prints.
I can't wait to learn more from you!

Dianne Koppisch Hricko said...

It is the bottom one for me. I like the repeats of the small agua shapes having a conversation.

RenaM said...

Hard to pick just one I like best. If I have to, I guess it would be the middle one because I love limey greens and turquoise/aqua colors. But they're all great and whether one is "better" than another depends on where it going to go in the quilt. After changing the zoom setting to 50% so I could see all three together, I think an interesting unit might be made by stitching them all together in the order shown. BTW, I love the new header on your blog.

Eva said...

Funny how the majority voted for #2. So do I -- it is because the warm and the cool colors are balanced pleasantly. In general, I prefer the cooler side. Also like the balance between the solids or partly solids framing the variegated parts.

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