Thursday, June 30, 2005

keeping busy

Attempting to distract myself while I wait for a phone call from the surgeon, I'm going back to the workshop at PV that got such short shrift earlier on. Is it a pancake turner? Nope, it's a frying pan full of wax. The grid is iron and is one of the items I used for batik, along with the antique potato masher whose handle is sticking up. I haven't photographed much of the fabric, but I will. In the meantime, here is a bunch of it hanging on the line to dry. And below is a close-up of one piece which two people fought over when I showed it to them. Solomon would have approved of the outcome. IMG_1247 Thanks, by the way, for all of your good wishes about my mother's surgery. Surgeon called at almost 2:30 a.m. - everything looks ok. I am going to sleep.


ginger said...

that is great!

Jenni said...

I took a batik class last summer and we used all sorts of old potato mashers....who would have thought there were so many interesting ones out there! How do you remove the wax from your pieces? Ironing or dry cleaning?

teri springer said...

Glad your mom is ok. Nothing like a family emergency to take the fun out of stuff.