Monday, June 27, 2005

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It's been a hectic week in my household. On the plus side: our friends Marlene & David were here visiting from the UK and we had a happy time going to the new MOMA, the NJ shore, and some other day trips. Marlene is a fiber artist whose work is always strong and just keeps getting better and better; David is a comedian (in every sense of the word). On the minus side: coping with my mother's impending surgery and as I write this, I am waiting for a call from the hospital that there is an available bed. Need I say that I can't concentrate on anything much? Nevertheless, a few images from last week's workshop with Fran Skiles. It was a bit of a stretch, working entirely with paper and paint on canvas -- but an interesting experience. We began with black & white and by the time we had worked and reworked the pieces, they had changed. Not, I might add, always for the better. But change is good and I will be interested in seeing which parts of this process will creep into my work. Here are the changes in this piece:
IMG_1309 IMG_1362

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Here is another, which I really preferred as a black & white piece.


And this one

IMG_1303 which turned out like this IMG_1356

Interesting way to work - layers of paper, silk, paint, ink, and other goodies. And the hospital beckons, so I'm outta here. Will post again when I come up for air. I still have pictures from Els' workshop and lots of thoughts which may never see the light because I'll probably forget them by the time I have a minute. Thanks for coming back to check whether I'm here.


Lisa said...

Thanks for taking the time to post. Our thoughts and prayers are with your mother.

Unknown said...

I too send my hope that your Mom ( and you ) are doing is very and time intensive when someone you love isn't well..and your interpretations of the fran skiles class has your stamp on it!! It has been great fun to see the result of so many of the ring member's work from that class..I like it!! Ginger

Karoda said...

Rayna, hangeth in and update us on your mother when you can.

The Ride Report from Mud Creek said...

I have been seeing samples from this workshop on other blogs too....and I am so jealous :)It is really interesting seeing how the pieces progress.
Sending good thoughts for your mother!

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