Thursday, September 01, 2005

saved, I think

So I took the piece of fabric you saw yesterday, stamped it with found objects dipped in hot soy wax, dye-painted with my old, weak dyes, dried with my hair dryer, ironed, steamed, washed, and ironed again. All last night. Phew! I'm exhausted just recounting it. I am much happier with the color and complexity and am thinking that now it might need some text or images.


mary m. said...


And here I thought it looked good before! It IS so much really know what you're doing

gabrielle said...

Oooo, yes text and images, please...then it will be a Rayna not just a gorgeous piece of fabric. Your productive level still has me gobsmacked.

Debra said...

Nope, Rayna... sorry. this piece is a complete and utter failure. the only thing for you to do is to is send this far away (I think california is far enough)... and clear your palette.

How the heck do you work so experimentally and make stuff so fabulous??

Rayna said...

You guys make me laugh! Thanks, I needed that today. Here I am trying to do paperwork and I might have to go and print just to keep you amused. Keep in mind, this is about an 1/8 yard.