Thursday, October 30, 2008

almost as good as dark chocolate

For me, bittersweet chocolate is a real upper: energizing and happiness-inducing at the same time. That's what today's visit to Marni Goldshlag's exhibit was like. Marni's work is spectacular and no one else is doing what she is doing. She works with sheers which she dyes and paints before she layers them, then hand stitches and floats them so they glow. I got there an hour before the opening, so was able to take pix and spend alone time with her before people started arriving. Here she is, greeting the first arrivals - fiber art appreciators from the Nutmeg Guild in CT. I never expected to see anyone else I knew, but lo and behold, in walked Judy Cuddihee, the SAQA rep from Connecticut. I hadn' t seen Judy in 3 or 4 years, since I dropped out of Fiber it was good to reconnect. She certainly does intriguing work, tongue firmly in cheek. Here she is, chatting with another guest at the opening.Not five minutes later, who should arrive but Benedicte Caneill! She had read my blog this morning, knew I was going to be there, and came over to say hello and see the exhibit. (Thank you, Benedicte - it is good to know that you're reading -- even if you don't leave a comment). It was great to see her, too! Benedicte had taken a class from me a couple of years ago when I taught at Northern Star Quilters in Somers, NY. That guild has so many talented artists and cool people in it: Natalya Aikens, Jeri Riggs, Elizabeth Rosenberg, Vivien Zepf, Elizabeth Poole, Jane Davila, Norma Schlager, and that's just the tip of the iceberg! Here is Marni in front of her newest and a top favorite in the show. I thought it was my favorite, but now I think this one is my favorite...although there were too many beauties to post them all - you really need to get yourself over there to see the exhibit if you are within a 2 hour drive. Approximately 20 pieces by fiber artist Marni Goldshlag. For more information about the artist, and to see many examples of her work, visit: For more information about the venu and for directions, visit

Oct. 27, 2008 - Dec. 19, 2008

The Cora E. McLaughlin Gallery

Convent of the Sacred Heart

1177 King St.

Greenwich, CT 06831

8:30-5pm, Monday-Friday

See? Almost as good as eating dark chocolate.


Gerrie said...

Yummmm! Thanks for the eye candy. I LOVE Marni's work.

juanita Yeager said...

one of the disadvantages of living off the beaten path is not having the ability to see a variety of art, I enjoy your blog because it gives me the ability to see some wonderful stuff and places. Keep taking your camera along. I look forward to your travels, adventures and reports.

Susan Schrott said...

Glad you were able to make it to Marni's opening. Everything looks beautiful. And Benedicte came too! Did you know I also belong to the listed all my dear dear friends...OK Rayna,...we must meet.

Vivien said...

Thanks for telling us about Marni's exhibit, Rayna. It looks wonderful. Time for a road trip!

Judy said...

Wonderful work Rayna! Thanks for enlightening me!


Elizabeth said...

Oh boy, I feel like such a star, to be mentioned on your blog by name! I may faint! Seriously, though, I do feel lucky to be a member of a guild with such a tremendous number of talented members, even though sometimes it can be a lot of pressure!!!
Love ya, Rayna ...

Anonymous said...

I think I need to send you some 99% dark chocolate and then you will be able to make a real comparison!! It was great to be at the opening of this fabulous exhibit and to parler français with you!! Looking forward to seeing one day a "one woman show of yours" (no pressure!). Thanks for the great narrative and pictures on your blog.

Anonymous said...

Rayna, you know I'm your number one FAN! I have now subscribed to get your blog by FEED, and actually figured out how to leave a comment! You want a comment? Here it is: I wish I'd known about this before this weekend so I could have been at Marni's opening...I have a friend in Greenwich and it would have worked great for yesterday's fun. As it is, I plan on visiting soon and I won't miss it, thanks for the heads up. Her work looks wondrous! Yeah Marni! And YES, Northern Star Guild is THE BEST, so many good and constructive memories of your workshop with us! Kindest, Debbie Bein