Wednesday, October 22, 2008


OK - where are my printing inks???? They have to be around somewhere; I thought I had left them in my studio but couldn't find them today. And they don't seem to be at home. as Marty says, "they'll turn up." And my response is always "no, they won't." In any case, I've been prowling the Graphic Chemical & Ink website in search of Caligo oil-based, clean-up-with-soap and water, inks. Relief inks? Intaglio inks? What's the difference? I think either will do, so I'll get them all. Granddaughter of Carload Charlie carries on the family legacy... In the meantime, I followed some of the links on the Caligo ink website and ended up in some interesting places having to do with color (or colour). Check this out: If you've never taken the Luscher color test, you should. I have the book and remember taking it years ago, but on-line it is quicker and just as accurate. In fact, remarkably so-- at least for me. Well past midnight on the right coast, and I have a tough day tomorrow - another heartbreaking funeral in my extended family. I am a bit tired of all these losses - but that is part of the deal, isn't it? Makes it all the more important to have fun while we're able to. xo

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