Wednesday, October 01, 2008

work in progress & other miscellany

My vision - LOL. Second cataract was demolished today, but I am sewing sleeves on various small pieces that have been sitting around waiting patiently. I have so many exhibits coming up that I need to be able to hang lots of work. I hope I can remember what goes where! exhibit #1 This coming Sunday, Oct 5 from 1-5, Open Studios at 66 Franklin St., where there are 10 artists participating. We are expecting a CROWD!! It's been a year and a half since our first open studio, so we are just hoping for good weather. exhibit #2 On Oct 17 I have four pieces juried into a show in the gallery at Morristown Memorial Hospital. The gallery space is in the cancer center so all of our work should get lots of exposure. The gallery director at the hospital is an art therapist.
semi-colon 22 x 22
exhibit #3 Then, Nov 1 I have four other pieces juried into a show with an interesting concept. The title of the exhibit is Bridging the Space Between and it examines the question of "is it art or is it craft?" -- a frustration that those of us who work in fiber,ceramics, collage, and other media, are alway dealing with. There will be a panel discussion somewhere along the line, which should be interesting. I mean, how many times have you seen calls for entry for art shows that say "all media except fiber or video."?? GRRRRRR This is a screenprint. If I had done it on paper, it would be considered a piece of art. But it is done on fabric. Craft.
Artist's Proof 24" x 18"
By the way, have you noticed that "quilt" show prospectii are the only ones on the planet to ask for sizes to be w x h instead of, like every other 2-d ART medium, h x w? This makes absolutely no sense and must be a leftover antiquated thing from bed quilts at the county fair. Don't tell me it is to estimate hanging space because every gallery, no matter what kind of art, needs dimensions for wall space estimates - and they still want h x w. Since I consider my work to be ART, I always label my work with the dimensions as they should be: height first.
On-line auctions worth checking out SDA has a fund-raiser that has just started. There is a variety of stuff and the prices are quite reasonable. There is work by yrs truly (and I donated a book for which the bidding starts at below wholesale); Patricia Malarcher, Natalya Aikens, and more. Go take a look. SAQA's One Foot Square auction has got pages and pages and pages and pages of wonderful 12" h x 12" w (notice the order of dimensions -LOL) works of art, including this one. It's a reverse auction and bidding doesn't open till Oct 10 (details on the SAQA auction page) - BUT you need to scope 'em out and decide ahead of time which ones you want because you just know the one you want will go fast and you have to be ready to jump in at the first minute or somebody else will. Is there anything else I wanted to say? Who knows? Pretty soon it will be time for my eye drops. In the meantime, I think I need to help get rid of that Haagen Dazs in my freezer - it is taking up too much space.


Vivien said...

I am amazed at how much you can do, especially with just one eye and in pain. I can't get that much done even if I've had a good night's sleep and am healthy! Wow! Glad to hear you're taking care of yourself with Haagen-Dasz therapy; one of my personal favs!

Your 12"H x 12"W is beautiful, by the way!

Natalya said...

yumm..... maybe i need some ice cream too... beautiful work and good luck with the open studios!

Gerrie said...

What fabulous eye candy in this post. I don't know what is going on. I use Google reader. I have not had a post from you for weeks. All of a sudden this morning, there are 14!! That is why I was worried about you.

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