Wednesday, January 09, 2013

back from nowhere special

The last couple of weeks have been a blur of mostly non-creative activity.  My energies have been directed elsewhere, but I'm not sure exactly where.  I finished the baby quilt for Phoebe and delivered it to her grandparents on New Year's weekend.We went to see the Picasso at the Guggenheim and the Matisse (which I loved) at the Met and ate ourselves silly over that holiday weekend.

Since then, been doing mundane chores -- have not been in the studio, although I made an attempt this morning, only to discover a dead battery.  By the time it had been replaced it was not worth going in. Do not ask me what I did at home all day -- more mundane chores like cleaning the garage and packing supplies to be shipped for my next class.  My nails are breaking -- victims of the cold, dry weather and, I think, a bad manicure.

I have been putting pieces of cloth on the wall, only to take them off again, and I haven't even photographed them so you can see them.  I was heartened to receive a lovely email from Shawn Delker who got my book as a Christmas gift and sent a photo of the resulting quilt.  What a happy surprise!
Thanks, Shawn!
Tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment and will make an attempt at the studio again. on Friday I am jurying an exhibit for the Montclair Art Museum. The weekend is already scheduled up the wazoo, so perhaps I will put in another bit of time tonight on the piece in process. Or not:-)


Nina Marie said...

been wondering where ya been - sounds like you need some uninterrupted creative time. One suggestion - get your fav hand cream in little bottles - leave them near all the places you tend to take a breath (your fav chair, near the phone, near the computer, etc etc) then every time you take a moment you'll put some on your hands and nails - don't forget to work it in good. It does wonders and your nails won't look any different than summer. Started doing this two years ago and I couldn't believe the difference! Not to mention - you hands look younger!

tiedyejudy said...

Been missing ya! Sometimes life intervenes... hope you get some creative time soon. I used some of my strip sets in a table runner and placemats I made for our dining table. I've been organizing my stash and looking for ways to use some of it, and the strip sets made great focal points... and now I need/want to make more!

Shawn said...

What a thrill to see my quilt on your blog! I am going to be hanging it with a natural stick, love it and had soooo much fun. Can't wait to start on a new one, want to try some raw silk and maybe some homespuns in the next one.

Eva said...

Shawn's quilt is fab! Because the colors clash so immensely that it is beyond taste, it is art! The slightly harsh combination (exactly the black-red-yellow of Germany) needs to be framed and mixed with a foreign element like purple.
Thanks Nina Marie for the advice. I have just the same problem, my nails break like a candy crust on crème brulé.

Judith said...

Boy can I relate to your "what happened to my day of creating" and "I'll do a lot this evening - or maybe not". I feel like I'm slogging back to my studio one step at a time after the holidays. I love seeing work others have done after reading your books. Hang in there. We'll. get our groove back soon!

Rayna said...

working on my groove!