Monday, January 14, 2013

having a chocolate attack

Several weeks into a sensible eating plan, I am suddenly craving chocolate.  Nothing to do but go with it -- right? Endorphins, antioxidants, and all kinds of other wonderful things. My mother always said that if you are really craving something, your body needs it. Uh huh.

This past weekend was nonstop - shopping on Saturday for household necessities, followed by an evening jaunt to Greenwich Village to see Shadows, a groundbreaking 1959 film by John Cassavetes. Fascinating, haunting, and ahead of its time. 

Finally got my box of supplies shipped out today and am looking forward to flying out to Arizona next weekend.  I have also been shredding papers (1986 tax returns, anybody??) in a continuing effort to make room for more of same, only more current. ARGH.

Apart from an afternoon in the studio printing scarves last Thursday, I have not been there.  Today was misc. chores (laundry) day and I have been reading instead of working.
These strips, part of a  MQG challenge, are sitting on my wall.  

And I have something on my floor that is in process. At some point I may post it, but it is far from its final form.

That's all from the front., except for the photo I got today of a budding artist.

Apple doesn't fall far:-)


Connie Rose said...

Hope you're well. Thinking of you. xo

Nina Marie said...

ohh what a cutey! One thing I'll never be sorry I did was to just give Tessa any kind of stuff to create with - and just let her create! I can't tell you how many dollar store rolls of tape she went through making tape sculptures!

tiedyejudy said...

Sure sorry I can't be there next weekend... just not in the cards! Hope you have a wonderful class and that the weather is nice for you!
Re: the picture of Emma, she definitely comes by her creativity naturally, and I am glad she is being given encouragement to go in that direction. Hoping you will share many wonderful hours with her in creative activities over the years!

Eva said...

What joy to see a young artist at work. My Mom gave me a new paintbox most every birthday -- or when yellow and lime were up!
As for chocolate -- I found out that if I add some very dark chocolate to my diet, I don't put on weight if I manage to restrain myself to a few pieces per day. But sometimes it just has to be. "Never overdo, better renounce -- don't even overdo renounciation", the I-Ging says.

Ruby said...

It's good to indulge every now and then, as long as we don't overdo it. And you got something productive done as well, like shredding papers we don't need anymore. For the important files, you should have back-ups for them, not just in digital, but with physical copies as well.

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