Thursday, January 17, 2013

a print day

So this commission I took on is for 50 scarves... They have to be yellow and they all have to have the same four motifs on them - but beyond that, it's whatever I feel like printing.  No two are alike: that would be IMPOSSIBLE. And I would bore myself to death.

These four are left from yesterday; I couldn't finish them till today.  Now these four are home with me so I can steam them and there are three more on the table to finish tomorrow (if it doesn't snow too much).  It is slow going because I can't do production - bing, bing, bing.  I much prefer printing my own scarves, even though they are no less time consuming.

I was in the studio from about 10 this morning till almost 6 but didn't get that many scarves printed.  First of all, a number of my screens are wearing out from intense use, or because they are 10 years old -- so I had to make new ones. That took time.  Then, I was out of print paste so I had to make more. And had to mix more colors - you know how it goes.  By the time I actually got down to printing, it was afternoon.  

My own work is in my sewing room, waiting patiently for me to get to it.  Not tonight.
I'm done!


Nina Marie said...

well now that you laid the grown work - I'm sure it will go much faster. I do like the motif's they chose - different! So glad they don't need to be exactly alike- OMG - can you say - SWEATSHOP!

Janelle said...

I hope that you can get these done and on to different more interesting work pretty soon. When I am making something on commission my brain immediately starts rebelling and wanting to do anything else.

Dianne Koppisch Hricko said...

50 is a lot... just keep chipping away at it. Here is where an assistant would be a nice addition to the studio.

Thought of you while on the High Line yesterday. That is really quite magical. Made me wish that there were several throughout the city. Being lifted above the cars adds so much intimacy to the stroll.

RHome410 said...

Scarf-making sounds a lot like most of my life... Start, stop and adjust, stop and fix, and barely get accomplished what I'd begun! Looks fun, though, I'm not good at doing so many of the same thing, either, and to others' specifications.

Connie Rose said...

That has to be a labor of love -- I'd likely bore out after the first one or two! Have a great weekend. xo

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