Tuesday, December 17, 2013

back in the studio

Well, that was yesterday.  Today it is snowing again and I am staying in, planning to sew for the afternoon.  I am finally motivated and yesterday I was playing around with some background choices for a bunch of strips I had lying around.  I took photos of two choices and then turned them into black and white.

Here are the two pictures in color.

I was somewhat bemused to find that when I turned them into black and white…

the values of the backgrounds were not all that different.  

The search will continue into January, when I am in Paducah and have access to Helene Davis' amazing hand-dyes.  Of course, if I don't find anything that works for me, those strips will become something else.  In the meantime, I am happily snowbound today and will go back to my therapy sewing without worrying about backgrounds, foregrounds, composition, or anything else. 


Linda Hicks said...

Glad to hear about son's work in DC. Fine men have held that position. Good luck on the quilting. Hooray for snow and rain so I can stay inside to color!

Sue Marrazzo said...

NICE POST and nice work, too!
Love your work and blog!
I am a new follower : )

Del said...

Hi, Rayna - glad you are busily stitching. Guess snow can be useful. Sorry to say, the pictures you have posted don't show before today. All the others have a strange minus sign in an oval. I have been having trouble with Picasa/Google, but finally received some help from the online forum. Hope it continues to work! Love, Del

Karoda said...

Ya know, there isn't that much difference in the values, but the blue cloth has just enough difference to make it pop for my eyes.

Stay well and peace!

Amy Art Quilter & Fyber Cafe said...

the blue adds contrast to the bits of warm strips and makes them seam brighter. love it.