Monday, December 17, 2007


Last week I met another artist who showed me the doodles she makes while she sits in meetings. They were as elaborate as some tattoos, with complex designs and undulating lines - gorgeous: I wish I had had my camera. Her doodles reminded me of the perfect, incredibly detailed ruby liths my friend Randy used to cut for screen printing. (ruby lith is thin, flexible, translucent, dark red material, used for masking areas of a light sensitive medium).

My doodles, on the other hand, are mostly boxes. Geometric, simple, boring. Here is the notepad I used when I was on the phone with the very same artist.I do recall that her doodles were in the margins and on parts of the page where there was no writing, but I see that my doodling is more integrated with the notes, making me think that the combination of text and images in my work is one step from the page. Never thought about it before. Have you taken a look at your doodles lately? (why does that sound vaguely obscene?) - and do they bear any resemblance to motifs in your art? Something to ponder. Or not.

4 comments: said...

Boxes, you??? Noooo ... kitchen cabinets lurk in the subconscious perhaps?!?!

Rayna said...

Nah, I've doodled boxes all my life.
Should I ask my friendly neighborhood shrink about this?

Gerrie said...

My doodles are as schitzo as me. Sometimes curvy and circular and sometimes more Mondrian. I often plan quilting patterns and sometimes design a quilt. They are usually in the margins of my notes or sometimes have their own page. I recently bought a small Moleskin journal which I carry and try to remember to use for important things.

When I first looked at your photo I thought definitely the collage artist coming out here.

Judy said...

Yes, like Fulvia I was seeing kitchen construction going on in your doodles. Mine are always in the margins, generally quite curvey (unlike myself!), and often flowers, leaves, or paisleys. I love to doodle in paisleys.


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