Friday, December 07, 2007

last day

The week is about over and it has been big time fun. Today, our field trip was to a local (well, what they call local around here, anyway) fabric store so some people could find commercial fabric to use with the fabric they had printed. Here is a before and after from Priscilla. Screenprinted,then she washed out the green paint, and finally a third layer of wax and paint.

Ha! It is the famous Terri Lipman, fondling one of her favorite pieces from the past few days.
Today, she generously cut up a piece of fabric she had printed (not the one above) and gave everyone a piece, with my proviso that they each use it before the day was over. I'd post some pix but Blogger is not cooperating. Grrrrrrrr.


Gerrie said...

OH! I am having such good memories of my class with you.

Judy said...

I second that from Gerrie!
Oh I do love that piece by Terri!


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