Saturday, June 26, 2010

it's the weekend

I keep referring to the past few days as "the weekend," although they were not.  When we got home yesterday we regrouped and then met our friends Bonnie and Ron for dinner.  They had flown into Newark en route to France and were flying out today, so we met them at their hotel and went out for paella in Newark's Ironbound section.

Getting to the hotel was such a nightmare of convoluted turns and "you can see it but you can't get to it" maneuvers that I am finally ready for the dreaded GPS.  More dreaded, however, is trying to find one's way around New Jersey: land of no road signs and many death-defying highways like Route 1&9. Yes, that is 1 AND 9.  There is also a route 9, although I don't think I've ever come across the phantom route 1. It must be someplace else.

Then, there is Route 22, where the left lane is the slow lane and where my car was once totaled while I was stopped at a red light. I no longer drive on that road. 

While I have been throwing fabric at the wall today, to no avail, Heather Dubreuil, who took my class in Canada, has been busy making art with the fabric she printed.  She cheered me immensely by sending me some pictures: here are two of the pieces she created with her gelatin prints.
That's all from the Front.


elle said...

Those are wonderful. I'm beginning to catch on that fabric itself is the finished artwork.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you really inspired her to great heights. Excellent.
You need to spend more time in the studio and less time on the road...:o)


bj parady said...

my husband knows that patch of hotels near the Newark airport all too well...and his GPS didn't really help all that much. Last time the front desk clerk told him that people that work there get lost getting there.

Diane Wright said...

I don't try to avoid NJ but I do try to avoid being the one driving.

Your student's work is complex, interesting...wonderful. Thank you for sharing it!

Libby Fife said...

And I thought driving in the Bay Area was bad. Wow.

Great results for your student with that fabric:)

Anonymous said...

Oh my, those are so lovely.

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