Sunday, August 25, 2013

feet still up

Here I was yesterday, after a wonderful day of teaching surface design to a creative bunch of East Bay quilters.  Too tired to even charge my phone, I rested till it was time to go out to dinner.  Truthfully, this was a class that energized me; it just didn't energize my feet.

Being in Berkeley again after about five years is really a joy!  It is beautiful here and probably ties with Boulder as one of the places I'd love to live if I wanted to leave New Jersey.  But hey - too much beauty would make me feel deprived.

Of course, there was plenty of beauty in the printed fabrics that emerged at the end of yesterday's class, Can this Fabric be Saved?  Students brought in their ugly and/or blotchy fabrics, or ones they just didn't like any more and went to work on them.

These were just a few.  Tomorrow, we'll see how they will be used.  Meantime, I am still resting my feet, getting ready for a Sunday with two old friends (in succession).   Enjoy your own Sunday!


Judy said...

Ha: my surgeon was wearing the same color toenail polish as you know I loved her on the spot!

I love that first piece of fabric you showed! Enjoy the Bay Area for me!!


floribunda said...

thanks for a great workshop! my feet were killing me, too...


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