Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Getting up early tomorrow for a flight to San Francisco. Spent the week working on the dining room table's pile of family photos, trying to make order of chaos.  So far, no luck and I will have to throw everything into boxes and haul them into my sewing room when I get back.  Among the old photo albums, my parents' ration book from WWII, my father's draft notice (and his deferral, thank goodness), and lots of other goodies. I am putting them into a notebook.

My car was making terrible noises over the weekend so I took it into the dealer for service. It needed a 45,000 mi checkup anyway.  As I predicted, there were a few things that needed replacing and/or adjusting. All is well, but I did rack up a lot of miles on my credit card...

 The bright spot of the day was a visit from my friend Jennifer, her son, and her beautiful 3 month old daughter. They came for lunch. Ooooh - I loved holding that little bundle while she slept.  You forget how little and precious they are because they grow so fast.  Just look at the love on Jen's face as she holds her sleeping baby.
In the meantime, my formerly sleeping baby has morphed into this teeny bopper in training.  We face-timed tonight (she is in Wisconsin visiting her Nana) and compared our pedicures.  We both have blue polish on our toes:-)). 
That's my girl!
Short post - I need to hit the sack so I can make my plane tomorrow morning.  Next stop, the west coast!


Connie Rose said...

Have a wonderful trip to the Left Coast. Sorry I won't see you. Emma is so adorable -- and growing up fast! xo

GerryART said...

When do you rest?

Have a nice trip


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