Friday, January 10, 2014

en route to Paducah:-))

As I sit in the airport waiting for flight time, I have the chance to post some of the pictures I took during the "Can this Fabric be Saved?" workshop during the last two days.  Not all my shots came out (what else is new?) but these are some examples that did.

We did a variety of surface design techniques: screening with the usual suspects we all have at home, plus a gelatin printing demo and the recipe so everyone who wants to do this can do it at home.  Two days was not enough time to do everything, but it was a flying start!

Since everybody brought ugly fabric,they were not intimidated about printing all over it because for the most part, they could not have made it worse!  This is the back side of really hideous pink palm tree fabric that Valerie covered up with a screen made with blue gel glue.  You can see the obverse, but below you can see the "after".
These two pieces were actually done on sewn-together strips that were left over from another workshop with another teacher.  The resist on th;e top one was torn paper, I think.  And the bottom one was a glue screen.  Neat, huh?

This was tape put directly on the fabric and painted into with a foam brush.
The result is here. 
Jeanette has covered her cloth with little strips of tape and is now removing them.  You can see how it looks after the tape comes off. 
The orange strips were done with tape resist and then stamps were used on the next layer.
Glue on a screen over hand-dyed fabric gives a really nice look.
And this was a gelatin print done with a Lego.  Look how the gelatin creates a 3-D effect!
Carol printed a whole big piece of white on white with tape and green paint, with some purple added in a few places.  She is not sure how to use it yet but I tore a strip of the below fabric and plunked it onto the purple-stripe area to show her the possibilities when you cut up your fabric and reconstruct the pieces.  I'm eager to see what she finally does.

In fact, I am looking forward to seeing what everybody ultimately does with their fabrics and hope they will send me pictures at some point.

In the meantime, I am off to catch my flight and will no doubt blog from Paducah


Connie Rose said...

Really awesome fabrics! Enjoy Paducah! xo

Vicki Miller said...

looks like an amazing workshop

Judy Sall Fiber Arts said...

Always inspiring! I'm gearing up to do a post this summer on the "And then we set it on fire" blog, and the theme will be "Round robin solo style"... using multiple techniques to create unique fabric. You have reminded me of some techniques I haven't used in awhile... time to head for the studio!

emprint said...

Wonderful inspiring samples/fabrics. I need to clear out my stash and start over!

emprint said...

Wonderful inspiring samples/fabrics. I need to clear out my stash and start over!

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