Thursday, January 30, 2014

Scrubbing the kitchen

UPDATE: I started writing this yesterday but couldn't post because we lost our Internet connection.
It is now Saturday night, Feb 1.  More in next post.

Scrubbing the kintchen (or anyting else) --not my idea of fun, I admit.  But here we are in my late mother's apartment in Florida and I am detoxifying the kitchen, where nobody has lived in more years than I care to tell you.  Picture harvest gold appliances, new when the place was built and you will get a sense of this kitchen. (well, here is a photo so you don't have to imagine it).  The appliances still work but the refrigerator will never be clean enough for me, even after hours of scrubbing. 

I just finished throwing out all the food in the tiny pantry, most of which expired in 2006.  So, time to think about renovating this kitchen, pulling up the SHAG carpeting in the rest of the apartment, including the screened porch, which has turned from beige to icky pale greenish, and replacing the bathtub in the master bath with a walk-in shower.  All I see are $$$$$$$$, but has to be done.  I just have to decide which comes first.  This, however, is a project for a year from now.  I have decided I will spend a few of the winter months in West Palm Beach in 2015 and hopefully, teach in Florida while I am here.  I am already booking for 2015 but am keeping Jan-March open.

The weather has been lovely and warm until yesterday, when it poured all day except for an hour in the morning when we did manage to get in our walk.  Today, back to the 80 degree and humid-but-nice weather that allowed us to eat lunch outside at a local French bistro. Ahhh.....

Yesterday, Home Despot.  Today, Lowes, which actually had the blue foam insulation board I could use as a design wall here in the spare bedroom. 

I've been taping batting to the wall, which never fails to fall down during the night.  We rented a dinky, cheapo car for 2 weeks, so need I tell you that the 4x8' board, even cut to two 4x4's, did not fit into the car.  Back we traipsed into the store and found someone to cut a foot off the panels so I now have two 36" x 48" pieces to use.  Works fine.  I just have to go to Joann's tomorrow to buy batting and hope that the 50% off coupon I printed out the other day when I was home is still in my bag and is not outdated.


Connie Rose said...

Hi Rayna ~ if you cover your design board with polar fleece, your fabrics will virtually stick to that without pins. Really. Although I'm not sure about already-quilted pieces. Enjoy the warm weather and sunshine! xoxo

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

Oh, boy... cleaning the kitchen! I totally relate... our kitchen is not that old(built in 1996), but it's ready to be gutted and renewed in another week. It will be nice for you to have the place renewed so you can use it in the winter!

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