Monday, July 07, 2014

Monday creative blog tour

When Deborah Boschert invited me to participate in the creative process blog tour, I thought "why not??"   So, here are a few glimpses into how I work.  

What am I working on?

I have an exhibition coming up in a NJ gallery in October so I'm trying to finish a few pieces for the occasion.  On my studio wall is a work that has had many permutations over the past - what? year?  (more on that one later)

At home, in my sewing room, two pieces I am stitching. They are pieces I printed long ago and forgot about till I unearthed them while I was cleaning the studio and decided they needed to be (more or less) whole cloth pieces. Here are a couple of detail shots.
Almost done.

This one is still waiting till I have the luxury of time to sit down and stitch it.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Ah, this is the question we all need to answer about our own work -- and it takes some thought. I hope it is free of the influence of other artists: with one exception, in 1994 or 1995, when I took a class with David Walker, I have never taken another quilt class. This was deliberate because I really wanted to develop my own style.
Have I done so?  What, indeed, makes my work recognizable as mine and how does it differ from many others?   I think I'll ask you to answer that one.

Why do I write/create what I do?

Because I can't not.  You might as well ask me to stop breathing.

How does your writing/creative process work?

In my book, Create Your Own Free-Form Quilts, I talk a little bit about what I call
Ad Hoc Design/Slow Design.  That's a tidy way of saying "throw it at the wall and see what sticks/move it around and edit till the composition works."  Photos might give you a better idea of the piece on my studio wall that I referred to in the first part of this post.

Here are some of the photos taken over the past year while I put pieces up/took them down/put them up again/rearranged them/and edited like crazy.

There you have it.  This is on my wall at the moment and I can't predict the final result.  It's always a surprise and for me, that is the best part.  The joy is in the process.

Questions about my creative process?
Comments?  Let me hear from you -- or do I have to have another giveaway? LOL

P.S. I've tagged  Gerrie Congdon for next Monday's post so keep this link to see her post
on creative process.


Anonymous said...

I like those two whole cloth pieces you are going to stitch. Makes me think about doing that today. Maybe after the fabric from the indigo dye day is finally rinsed out. I hate that part so much. Sometimes all my optimism washes down the drain.

Wtrstone said...


Do you have a particular size that you work toward, or is it totally dictated by the piece? Do you put your leftover pieces away for awhile after a work is done... or do you leave them hanging in the sidelines for 'jump off' inspiration?

Process is such a personal part of one's art... I admire the beauty you coax out of seemingly random chaos!

Kaja said...

I really like your two printed pieces - will watch with interest to see how they turn out. This blog tour is a great idea - I'm always interested to see how other people work - I try not to look at loads of quilting blogs as I'm scared I'll lose sight of my own vision - but process is a different matter, because it's so personal.

Kaja said...

And a question - do you ever give up on something completely or do you always wait, and rework, and wait again...?

Eva said...

"The joy is in the process" -- no better way to say it!

The object on the bottom picture: Definitely birch trees in a faint April light. Any Russian would agree with me, I guess.

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

I am always inspired by what I read and see on your blog. You remind me of the importance of keeping an open mind, creatively. I try not to have preconceived notions as a result of reading your books and studying your blog posts... thank you!

Karen S Musgrave said...

I love your two whole cloths. I see birch trees too. Love your work and the way you look at things. Hugs.

Unknown said...

Hi Rayna, I made a first improv quilt using your book Create Your Own Free-form Quilt as my guide and inspiration. It was so much fun, and I am thrilled with the way it turned out. I dove in without a plan and that thing morphed and morphed again! Thank you for the fabulous book. Your light-hearted approach really inspired a lot of freedom. you can see it here

iHanna said...

Love your style and quilts (and your book), so I think it's a good thing that you are making it and sharing it with the world. I think your style is: awesome. ;-)

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