Friday, July 04, 2014

weekend in Boston

We're here for the long weekend, spending most of the time at a conference full of interesting (and not-so interesting) lectures.  But there is also plenty of time for walking and dining.  The first night in Boston, how could we not have seafood?  Something I rarely have that are widely available in New England: fried oysters!!  I had some in Maine but they were disappointing.  These, however, were ambrosia.

Last night we dined on Newbury Street, Boston's equivalent of Manhattan's SoHo -- every upscale boutique you can name and then some, plus dozens of restaurants.  A fun place to walk.
All very pretty, but I preferred these as we got to the end of our exploratory walk.
Happy Fourth of July, everybody.  Here it is starting to rain, so the fireworks were last night instead of tonight.  Hope you are having sunny weather whehever you are.


Linda Hicks said...

Sorry about the rain, but glad you found the fried faire. Because of the rain, we took in The Jersey Boys movie and the DC concert. Hitting the MFA tomorrow. May bump into you since there is so much synergy in my life these days!

Mary Lachman said...

Love Boston! Your photos are very nice.

Natalya Aikens said...


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