Tuesday, November 04, 2014

another fun mystery hits the shelves!

Mary Marks new mystery, Knot in My Backyard, made good escape reading for me when I was ready to put my feet up.  Her main character, Martha Rose, is at it again -- playing detective because she simply can't not! Her mission? To prove her neighbor innocent of murder: not an easy task.

This adventure was inspired by a real life incident involving government corruption, but there are plenty of light moments along the way. As you might expect, when her quilting friends get involved they discover that things are not what they seem and you'll want to keep reading as the plot thickens. 

It's a fun read and when Mary's next book comes out I'll be waiting!  But for now, this makes a good winter read when you're ready to curl up on the sofa and relax.


Mary M said...

Thanks for the lovely review, Rayna. I'm glad you liked the book!

Vivian Helena said...

love fun light mysteries at bed time! Thanks for the tip.

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