Sunday, November 16, 2014

end of the week

Packed and ready to leave for home, with a stop on the way.  This has been a delightful
week -- nonstop Mexican food, great company, and a class of SAQA members that didn't even know how talented they were.

A key part of this workshop was the  voluntary critique of works in process; what I call 'groupthink."  Looking at someone else's work-in-progress is the best way to develop an eye for design you can take back to your own work, and the class members came up with some alternative solutions to some design problems others were stuck on.made were insightful and helpful.ifyou...?"

Julie is putting together her quilt, which captures the essence of a field of wildflowers.  
Following the group's suggestion that she try it without the blue and white sky, she removed that section and decided the piece was better without it. She set it aside and the blue and white units can be the starting point for another piece of work.  A design solution!

Kathy made this art quilt, which started as pieced strips she couldn't imagine would turn into anything cohesive.  But here it is, partially put together and ready to be completed at home.  I look forward to seeing the photo of the finished piece! It is both energetic and serene.

Elise's piece ended up to be a dynamic piece that made her feel really good.  Admittedly, it was a challenge to put together all those different sized pieces -- but it was worth it.  And the group's suggestions as she worked on it really helped with her color choices and placement.  She's happy, as she should be.

 I'm at the Tucson airport and have a long day ahead of me.  As always, I envy the class participants for having days to just play.  I have a break from teaching now for several months and am eager to get back to my own design wall and sewing machine.


Connie Rose said...

Really awesome student work!

Dianne Koppisch Hricko said...

Hooray for time for yourself. The student work looked terrific.

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

Beautiful projects! They were fortunate to have you there to teach them new tools & techniques! Now enjoy your winter... I'm almost there myself... last show this coming weekend, then I'm free to play until April... woo-hoo!

Linda Hicks said...

A fine variety of solutions and some thoughts to internalize. Welcome back to the cold...get out those CuddleDuds!

Charlotta said...

Such fun! Such beauty!

Martha Ginn said...

Lucky you--surrounded by Mexican food for a week. For a former South Texan, that would be delightful. Your workshop results show some happy quilters after your teaching!

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