Sunday, March 15, 2015

a day or two late and a dollar or two short:-)

In lieu of sewing, I am sorting my scraps and strips and putting them into bags to take home with me, in the hope that I will get back into my studio and do something with them. Hope springs eternal. Not sure whether it is the sunny, warm climate or the fact that I just need a rest, but I have not been in the mood.  Instead, I have continued to binge-read mindless mysteries: this time around, Jacqueline Winspear's Maisie Dobbs series (preferably in order). 

And I have been making soup.  Last week, I took one look at the crisper drawer and knew it was time to use up the past-their-eat-by veggies.  I do miss my pressure cooker, which allows me to make soup in 20 minutes or so -- but in desperation, I did it the old fashioned way: a couple of hours in a pot.
Cabbage, onions, green beans, a half of a turnip, three sad carrots, and an onion or two. And maybe a pathetic half tomato, about to go soft.
Always reminds me of the book, Stone Soup, which I used to read to my kids.  To the veggies I added some dried lentils, a couple of bay leaves, and what looks like oregano, thyme, basil, and who knows what.
Thought some tomato flavor would be good, so threw in some tomato paste.
About an hour into the cooking, it was starting to look like soup.  Threw in the rest of the can of  tomato paste, a potato turning green, and some dried mushrooms.
 Aha!  Cooked down for another hour, it looked ready to eat.  And it was delicious. I ate it all week.

Of course, eating soup did not take up my entire week; I took my sewing machine in to be fixed and the fixer called me to tell me he couldn't figure out how to attach the foot so he could sew with it. Hmmm...very odd, since I had no trouble sewing with it last week. I just didn't like the way the stitches looked and thought it needed a bit of tuning up.  Needless to say, I am going to bring the machine home tomorrow to see what is going on. Time for a new (used) machine for my Florida digs.

I have also continued to audition backsplash tile. Maybe I should just paint it ((next winter) and then see.  The holes in the wall left by the electrician will not be fixed till 2016, since I am going back to NJ in less than two weeks.  Mixed feelings about that. Sigh...

Went to the movies to see The Second Best Marigold Hotel, which, while not as fabulous as the first one (sequels never are), it was nevertheless a pleasant and charming way to spend a couple of hours.  I mean, what could be bad with Maggie Smith and Judi Dench? The only quibble I had was that you had to have seen the First Best Marigold Hotel to keep the relationships straight.  It should have been a series on public television. 

Ok - back to the next Maisie Dobbs book.  


Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

Well, if it's any consolation to you, I broke out your book yesterday to remind me of how you mix sodium alginate, so I could mix up a bunch of thickened dye for a project I plan to start in my new studio today. You are my "go to gal" for so many things! Glad you have been getting some rest, your soup looks delish, and I hope Spring has sprung by the time you return to NJ.

Linda Hicks said...

Hi Rayna~Scratch a soup maker find an artist! I must try to make soup today also, for we had another snow fall last night. Don't rush home :*)) Oh, and the 4th Maisie Dobbs is about an artist.

Curlyq said...

Ooh! You have me wanting to make soup especially since we are expecting snow tonight and tomorrow. I do have a few veggies in the fridge that are ready for the pot but I thought potatoes turning green were not safe to use.
Love reading your blog.

Kaja said...

Funny how often reading your blog always makes me feel hungry!

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