Saturday, April 25, 2015

finally, time for a short post

With a few minutes to go till I get picked up from my hotel to go to the classroom, I am checking in.
Better late than never? Maybe.  LOL.  (omg, somebody's phone her just quacked like a duck).

I landed in Atlanta on Tuesday and my cousin Reba picked me up at the airport so I could stay with her for a few days and we could try to figure out how we are actually related.  Spent time with geneaology research and are still missing a link, but it has to be there somewhere. We'll get it eventually.  Or we won't.  Meanwhile, we had fun together. 

On Wednesday, I had lunch with some lovely and talented artists, including my old friend Barbara who moved from West Orange to Atlanta a number of years ago.  We were so happy to see each other!
Barbara photographs unusual signs and while she hasn't posted this one for fear of offending anybody, I have no such inhibitions.  I suspect this is responsible for our hysterics.
The last couple of weeks at home I started playing around with improv units, using neutrals and one color.  An experiment I don't have pictures of and hope to continue at some point when I am home near a sewing machine for a few days.    

Meantime, I am happy to be away from the weather in NJ that is 30 degrees with a freeze warning and snow flurries in some places. Here in Atlanta, it is pouring rain -- but at least it is not freezing cold. 

Oops - time to get ready for today's class.  More when I have a bit of time.


Dianne Koppisch Hricko said...

What are you teaching?

Sandy said...

The sign made me laugh. I was at a conference one time...someone had loads of slides of strange signs. He called it 'Signtology' (yeah, play on words) but. the funny thing that stuck in my mind was a church sign 'Big Bottom Missionary Baptist Church'. Okay, you might live in Big Bottom hicksville, but do you have to have it in the name? LOL
Have fun. oh, yeah you are!
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