Thursday, April 09, 2015

studio time:-))

Finally!!  It's been so long since I have been there that I had forgotten what chaos lives in the storage bins.  Lots of ideas going through my head, but unless I actually try them, I won't know what works.
Of course, before I can do anything, I have to sort.

The benefit of sorting is that you find things you had forgotten you had.  So this gave me the chance to look with fresh eyes at a few pieces of fabric I unearthed.  I found three of these butt-ugly nine patches
just in time to redo one and bring the other two originals to my upcoming UFO class.  What was I thinking??

On the other hand, I also came across some printed pieces I had forgotten about. Maybe I should think about doing something with them?  Quite a variety -- and this is the tip of the iceberg
This was deconstructed screen printing.
Clamped shibori.
Have no idea, but think this might have been soy wax batik that I then discharged and screeenprinted on.  It's a mystery to me.
Oh, yes. This was a demo piece from a class I did eons ago on screenprinting with freezer paper stencils and who knows what else.  

Another piece of shibori.
Maybe it will work with this fabric. Or not.  I really like this piece of cloth - screenprinted with thickened dyes using tape and then thermofax.  Since I never write down my process, I can never remember what I did.  But I see some discharge here.

It the meantime, I have my sorting/ironing/organizing work cut out for me.  And it's the best way for me to become inspired.  Today was a start.


Gerrie said...

There are a lot of treasures showing up here!

Rachel said...

One of my favorite quotes: "One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries." --A.A. Milne

Judy said...

I agree with both Gerrie and Rachel. The Milne quote is so very very true.

Take care.....and see you soon!

Linda Hicks said...

Oh I do love Rachel's Milne bit and agree w Gerrie.
I wish I could find time for those treasures. Alas, today I need to make eight 9 patch blocks for a group charity quilt, but I hope to enliven them somehow.

Kaja said...

I wish this was the sort of thing I found when I sorted through my boxes. There should be plenty to inspire you by the time you have finished sorting and ironing.

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