Sunday, July 12, 2015

Saturday in Cape Town

We arrived in Cape Town yesterday (Saturday). Because of poor wifi, yesterday's post didn't publish till this morning. As a result, I am blogging about the last few days in this post while I have WiFi.  So, if luck holds out, you'll see two posts with Sunday dates.  

** No - this is not posting till Monday, when I am at the Cape Town airport with WiFi, food and drink in the SAA lounge. Ahh...the joys of travel.

Gillian and I arrived in Cape Town yesterday afternoon and immediately hit the streets, the craft shops, and the waterfront craft market. Weather is grey but houses are colorful.  This is Table Mountain in the background; hard to see because of the mists.  

We are staying in a gorgeous b&b that reminds me of one of Ian Schrager's boutique hotels. Tables set for breakfast, which is not for ½ hour yet.  As usual, I am starving - LOL.

On Friday, in Durban, we had the pleasure of visiting the lovely and supremely talented South African quilt artist Odette Tolksdorf at her home, where she showed us some of her beautiful quilts.  Odette had been teaching at Quilt Festival but we were all so busy we hadn't had a chance to meet.  The visit was a real treat.  

Back to Cape Town...

In Africa it is impossible not to be affected by the colors and patterns that seem to be everywhere -- and by the warmth and friendliness of the people.

Posting this a few days late, and now on to the next adventure, next post...

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