Monday, July 13, 2015

Sunday in the Cape

ARGH - I just posted a whole thing and it didn't save.  Starting again:-(. 

I have less than an hour till my flight to Joburg boards, so will have to type quickly.  Sunday, the weather gods smiled and the sun came out.  The saying is that Cape Town can have four seasons in one day, but we were really lucky.  This was especially good because everything in Cape Town is closed on Sundays (even the museums), so we had to go elsewhere.  Gillian and I took the train to Kalk Bay and then on to Simon's Town, at the end of the line and on the eastern tip of the Cape.

Kalk Bay is a beautiful fishing village, replete with shops, galleries, bakeries, and charm.  But it isn't too twee and is not obnoxiously commercial and touristy.  We loved it.

We had fish & chips at Kalky's  -- a dive that serves the best fish & chips ever (even Gillian, who is from the U.K., said it was "spot on."  
After lunch, we returned to the shop where we had put aside cloth, collected it, and paid.  
Michel, the owner, was a treasure trove of knowledge about African fabrics and how to spot the differences between the old Kente & Kuba cloth and the new, made-in-China African fabrics.  More about fabrics later.

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Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

Beautiful pix! I envy you the fabrics... can't wait to see more about them!

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