Monday, August 24, 2015

Day two of class - moving right along

Yesterday, everybody tried to get their right brains working and we mostly succeeded, despite some whining about "I can't work without a pattern."  Today, some of those left-brained people  had learned to trust themselves, rely on their instincts, and to stop censoring their work/trying to control it before they had even made enough STUFF to play with.

One person, who started working with a piece of this god-awful log cabin block, was well on her way to incorporating it into a very cool piece.  She's still working on it - so we'll see what develops.
One of the women, who was a new quilter and had only ever worked with patterns, had this piece done by the time she left today.  She has promise.

Everybody was busy working with some color limits, and Debbie (front right) was working in black/white/chartreuse and making great progess on it.

(shows up navy blue on my screen, but is really black).

Tonight, Debra Jo Hardman hosted a FAB pot luck at her house. Everything was beyond delicious and it was probably the best salmon (chinook?) I have ever had.  The company was great, too - and it was good to meet the husbands and - uh - talk about other things besides quilting.

 Alaskans are hearty souls, I must say.  I had my share of pitching tents and dealing with camping in the first decade of my first marriage.  Today, my idea of roughing it is staying at the Hilton. LOL.  No, I haven't seen a moose but at home I have deer waltzing up to my front door and standing in my driveway.  And haven't seen a bear, but we have those in NJ, too. Happily, I have not encountered any mosquitos.  But the people I have encountered are simply wonderful.  I am so happy to be here.


Sue Marrazzo said...

LOOKING good!!!!!!

Brenda said...

It's so great to see people working outside of their comfort zone. I was part of a free-form quilt/shawl project at a retreat and all we had to work with was a box of batik scraps and the finished size. Several women came up to me and wondered how to proceed. I just told them to put the right sides together and sew! One woman pulled out a paper pieced pattern and spent an hour making the block and then tried her hand at free-form piecing, which only took a few minutes.

Kaja said...

Some interesting work going on. Alaska sounds like a cool place to visit.

Amy Meissner said...

It was great to meet you today at our SAQA-AK meeting (I was sitting across from you). Thank you for joining us and I hope to attend a workshop now that I know about your work. Perhaps our paths will cross elsewhere some day.

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